InTraSA import and export between South Africa and Germany

We are a South African business collaborating with our German partner InTraGer, International Trading Germany GmbH & Co. KG, which is an import and export company for wine, spirits and other goods.

InTraSA, International Trading South Africa (Pty.) Ltd are importers of fine wines, spirits and other niche products from reputable companies in the EU countries. These products will be unique and exclusive to InTraSA and they will be available at top end hotels, exclusive boutique wine shops, online shops i.e. Takealot, duty free shops and high-end cocktails bars.

We also envisage exporting exclusive South African wines and products to our business partner InTraGer in Germany.

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Glenda Brigitte Bouzek in Germany at the container docks


Our Vision

InTraSa’s aspirations are a world without boundaries in trading of high quality goods. We are connecting business branches around the globe through the power of connectivity and fairness. Therefore, we stand for growth and job creation through our association with our partner. Bringing together our German and South African background of cultures and values

Our Mission

To source products from companies that values their Carbon Footprint and conducts their business, sourcing and processes in an Ethical Method to offer our customers exclusive and limited products from Europe.

To continue sourcing niche and unique products for both exports and imports.

Enabling German citizens to taste their favorite local wine whilst visiting South Africa at selected wine tasting.

Entering into a partnership with a German tour operator to plan golf and wine tasting tours. These tours will be limited to a manageable number of participants.   

Our Core Values

Ethics in business guides our Management and Employees in their everyday activities. 

Taking care for our customer’s business as our business is our passion. Therefore, we treat our customers with dignity, respect and have an abiding value that our customers play an integral part in our business. We will always seek to deliver an exceptional service that is tailor-made for the success in trading.

Innovation and improvement is our credo and we strive for the best in everything we do. The InTraSa team is inspired by opportunities and embraces innovation and change as a chance for new targets.

Teamwork is our strength, because we trust each other’s capabilities and intentions. Our daily work is to inspire people to share their own views and expect everyone to contribute.

The manner in which we conduct our business follows the highest Ethical standards. InTraSa is trustworthy in all relationships and we treat all who do business with us with Integrity and Honesty.


Glenda Brigitte Bouzek – Managing Director – InTraSa (Pty.) Ltd

Manging Director InTraGer GmbH & Co. KG

Glenda Brigitte Bouzek Managing Director intraSA export South Africa Germany

Glenda was born and raised in Cape Town. She has many years of experience as a specialist and manager in the field of personnel management and retail operations at Pick n Pay Retail Stores. During her career, she covered several managerial positions. As a result, she gained experience in finance, real estate, wine and agriculture. In addition to that, Glenda is au fait in hotellery and is an expert for international logistics and customs. Glenda decided in 2017 to build up her own business, as a result, she founded InTraGer International Trading Germany GmbH & Co. KG. Her key business is wine and spirits trading, as well as Aloe Vera raw material.

E-Mail: glenda.bouzek@intrasa.co.za

Phone: +49 15 20 349 5521


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