Heimat Dry Gin Germany

Heimat Dry Gin from Germany 

Home is yearning for childhood. These words come from Heinrich Böll. The 3 friends Marcel, Rouven and Raphael grew up together in their homeland, around Niederhofen, near Heilbronn. The rural area, characterized by orchards and vineyards, is also home to the HEIMAT Dry Gin, which is lovingly handcrafted from local herbs from the family’s orchards. Rouven’s father and Raphael’s father-in-law run the fifth generation of the family’s own distillery there. The striking black stoneware bottle with the burned-in wooden cork stands for the down-to-earthness that characterizes this distillery and its products.

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Heimat Dry Gin from Germany

HEIMAT Gin pays homage to the rural region around Heilbronn in Baden Württemberg. The focus is on the use of local herbs from own orchards. The processing is based on handpicked botanicals such as meadow sage, thyme and ribwort, as well as apples and pears, which are harvested from the own meadows at the HEIMAT distillery. A total of 18 different botanicals find their way into the black stoneware bottle. Another feature is the wood-fired copper still. The gin is made in a small batch process in a very traditional way. After the distillation process, the gin is stored at 43 % vol. This allows to develop the taste holistically during a rest phase.

The taste of the meadow herbs combined with the fresh apples and pears provides a brief moment of sweetness that changes directly to a Mediterranean note. The light juniper bouquet and pink pepper accompany the finish with a slight sharpness. Afterwards, the floral aromas intensify and ensure a pleasantly soft taste.

  • unique black stoneware bottle with handmade label, wooden top and natural cork

  • The normal bottle size is 500 ml

  • The Taster bottle size is 50 ml

  • Packaging is 6 bottles per case

  • Minimum order volume is 600 bottles (100 cases) 500ml

  • Delivery time: 4 – 6 weeks

Heimat Dry Gin Germany, Baden Würtemberg


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