Mozart Chocolate Liqueur Austria

Mozart – premium chocolate liqueur
The “Mozart” brand stands for the highest quality and perfection from Austria. Mozart chocolate spirits are a tribute to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his native Salzburg. Each bottle contains 150 years of experience in the production of fine spirits. Through continuous further development and a tireless spirit of innovation, the brand was able to secure global market leadership among chocolate spirits. Many international cocktail recipes contain the noble drops from Salzburg because of their distinctive chocolate notes.

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Mozart Liqueur from Salzburg comes in different styles:

Mozart Chocolate Cream (17 % Vol.):

Belgian chocolate, fresh cream and the aromatic notes of vanilla and cocoa: this mixture and the special manufacturing process make Mozart Chocolate Cream chocolate liqueur an unmistakable Austrian specialty. The ingredients of exquisite gourmet chocolate create a very creamy and full-bodied cream liqueur that sweetens the day and makes the evening unforgettable. The noble drop tastes best chilled as drinking chocolate or as a creamy enhancer for coffee and desserts.

Mozart Dark Chocolate (17 % Vol.):

When bitter chocolate, vanilla and caramel meet with the smoky-tart notes of fine cocoa family, a bittersweet noble drop with a long-lasting finish forms: Mozart Dark Chocolate lets gourmets and connoisseurs get the intense taste of a real Salzburg specialty. A fine chocolate bitter liquor and 87 percent pure cocoa macerate are used to create a unique chocolate liqueur that is not only a permanent component of creative cocktail recipes. The dark chocolate liqueur is not a cream liqueur, therefore it can be used in many international cocktail compositions, as the drink remains clear.

Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream (15 % Vol.):

Aromatic vanilla, delicious caramel, fresh cream and the fruity overtones of white chocolate come together in every bottle of Mozart White Chocolate Vanilla Cream for a tenderly melting drinking pleasure with a feminine character: light, elegant and seductive. Special features: 60 percent less fat and significantly less alcohol than Irish Creams. It is best served slightly chilled, preferably with fresh seasonal fruits. Furthermore the white chocolate vanilla cream fits perfectly for cake and desserts.

  • Special round glass bottle, wrapped with aluminum foil, plastic cap and a pourer

  • The normal bottle size is 500 ml

  • The Mini bottle size for the taster set is 3 x 50 ml

  • Packaging is 6 bottles per case

  • Minimum order volume is 600 bottles (100 cases) 500ml

  • Delivery time: 4 – 6 weeks

Mozart Liqueur from Salzburg


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