WEINFLY Energy Wine Germany

WEINFLY Energy Wine from Germany

Max and Max from Weinstadt near Stuttgart are not sommeliers or young winemakers. The long-time friends invented the world’s first wine with an energy effect and thus a completely new product category. WEINFLY combines the best of wine and energy drink. It is not a mixture of the two, but a sparkling wine enriched with energy elements.

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WEINFLY Energy Wine from Germany

WEINFLY consists of pure wine, which is bubbled and enriched with guarana, taurine and caffeine. That means: a fruity, tangy wine taste with a distinctive energy effect. Whether pure Рchilling Рturn up Рenjoy or in special cocktail creations. The result is a wake-up call  with style and 11,5 % vol. alcohol.

  • Clear glass bottle with screw top

  • The bottle size is 200 ml

  • Packaging is 4 bottles per case

  • Minimum order volume is 2400 bottles (600 cases)

  • Delivery time: 4 – 6 weeks

WEINFLY Energy Wine from Weinstadt, Germany


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