Windspiel Premium Dry Gin Germany

Windspiel Gin from Germany

Noble enjoyment from the country side – Windspiel could hardly be described better. The bio potatoes that make the premium spirits of Windspiel founders Sandra and Denis so unique are grown in the mineral soil of the German volcano region Eifel. They impress with their down-to-earth, their feeling for style and sense of tradition. The spirits are handmade and sold in small batches. Windspiel is dedicated to Frederick the Great, the discoverer of the potato in Germany and his second passion: the whippet dogs.


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Windspiel Premium Dry Gin from Germany

The raw alcohol, distilled from the organic grown potatoes is the base for Windspiel Premium Dry Gin. Paired with classic juniper berries, lavender and coriander, they result in a classic gin aroma with a subtle mildness. Ginger roots, cinnamon bark and lemon peel, as well as other botanicals based on a secret recipe by the distiller, ensure the special character of the gin. All botanicals of the gin have been finely coordinated and combined with regional ingredients. Exotic botanicals, such as coriander, cinnamon and ginger provide the special aroma – it creates a moment of pleasure between home and wanderlust. The combination of the best of two worlds. The gin is produced exclusively in elaborate, traditional handwork as unique and distinctive as possible.

As a perfect match to the gin, Windspiel produces own Tonic water in 3 different varieties: blue, green and black

  • Special awarded design bottle with embossed crest with luxury wooden top, artificial cork, cord, metal ring and little flags

  • The normal bottle size is 500 ml

  • The special bottle size is 1500 ml

  • The Taster bottle size is 50 ml

  • Packaging is 6 bottles per case

  • Minimum order volume is 600 bottles (100 cases) 500ml

  • Delivery time: 4 – 6 weeks

Windspiel Gin from Germany


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